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Sale and Service of PACKAGING AND SORTING Machines

Egg grading machines

We mediate the sale of sorting machines for consumers and farmers worldwide. This type of machines can manage the sorting of eggs from the smallest to the largest. Sanovo sorting machines represent several space-saving machines that provide not only flexibility but also convenience for everyday production. Not only because of their performance and high reliability, but also because of their easy maintenance, we save your costs.


The machine is manufactured to meet the latest standards and all important principles. Most of its components are made of high-quality stainless steel, and thanks to this, there are no downtimes. Besides, it is very easy to clean the machine.


Save time and money thanks to easy maintenance. The machine is built for the demanding environment in which it will be located and designed to allow easy access to all of its important parts, again reducing the time required for maintenance.


Thanks to easy maintenance and operation, production runs smoothly. The machine is simple, reliable and flexible. It is designed to be easy to use, so your attention can be shifted to more important things than an unnecessary machine repair solution.


Performance remains at the highest level, as there are no machine breakdowns and dropouts in production and thus no wear on the parts. Very easy maintenance and cleaning of the machine along with high-quality stainless steel components mainly contribute to the highest level of performance.

170 – 300 packages per hour 61.200 – 108.000 eggs per hour
70 – 125 packages per hour 25.200 – 45.000 eggs per hour

In today’s market for the classification of eggs, it is absolutely necessary and important to constantly design machines and equipment that comply with hygiene regulations, pay attention to food safety and also to making the machines user-friendly.

With a capacity of 40 to 800 packages per hour, we are able to cover everything from small units to classification stations with the largest sorting capacity in the world.

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Sales of packaging machines

Thanks to modern technologies, it is ranked among high-capacity packaging machines for workshops with demanding operation processes. When the line, which constantly moves the packages in position under the packing head, is combined with the interleaving feeder, the packing head placing the eggs in the packs and the accumulation conveyor, a very powerful packaging machine is created.

If quality materials and branded components are added to this, a guarantee of high reliability of the machine, but also its long life, is created. And all this is fulfilled by the machines we offer.

Farmpacker 70
70 packages per hour (25 200 eggs per hour)
Farmpacker 100
100 packages per hour (36,000 eggs per hour)
Farmpacker 200
200 packages per hour (72,000 eggs per hour)

We have many years of experience in the field and we cooperate with several egg producers, thanks to which we can understand what you face during daily operation. We know that your business depends on daily performance, uptime and trouble-free equipment, so it is a good idea to choose these reliable machines with long service life.

Specht poultry technology

The Specht Company is a manufacturer of technologies for poultry farming with a tradition dating back to 1961. It offers a wide selection of products for chicken breeding and laying hen breeding – cage and aviary systems, and laying nests. Completely made in Germany.

Our experts will respect your wishes and will be happy to advise you on the selection of various installations. It can be the breeding of chickens and laying hens, either in the form of land, aviary or group breeding.

We take an individual approach to each customer and we will be happy to show you model installations, offer services and consulting at your place of business and the opportunity to visit our installation with one of your colleagues to see how such accessories can work in practice.

Our services

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Specht Varia Plus

It is the result of our many years of experience. In the Varia Plus system, we combine the advantages of different types of installations. The Varia plus system provides laying hens with the benefits of natural movement and supports their social behaviour. The system of modular elements enables the efficient use of technology. Appropriate arrangement of technology ensures optimal control of poultry.

Original Specht breeding aviary

In our breeding aviary, we used all the experience gained in recent years of developing these installations. The breeding aviary is divided into three levels. Dropper drinkers can be adjusted in height according to the age of the hens. The front parts of the individual sections can be closed. The special ramp in the lower level of the installation can be used as a ladder, thus ensuring the free movement of the chickens from the floor to the first level and from there to the higher floors of the installation. The partitions between each section can be locked and the poultry divided into smaller groups.

Automation of egg production

We have a wide range of robots for every production process. We can deliver also offers other packaging solutions such as top liner applicator, conveyor systems, automatic folding and glueing of boxes, sorting and traceability of boxes.

Palletizing robots

From the output of 25,000 eggs per hour up to 72,000 eggs per hour. The junior robot can stack stacks of eggs and store them on a pallet at a capacity of 25,000 eggs per hour. It is suitable for use per egg packer P200 palletizer, which takes 4 stacks of eggs in one movement.

Depalletizing robots

This robot can unload stacks of eggs from a pallet on a sorting machine with an output of from 45,000 eggs per hour up to 180,000 eggs per hour.

Case packing robots

A robot for wide use in packing eggs into boxes, which is able to fill boxes and at the same time stack them on a pallet. Patented automatic gripping head exchange system for any type of packaging.

Case packing robots

The robot for stacking boxes on a pallet is able to stack up to 4 pallets with different types of boxes at once. Its output is from 90,000 eggs per hour up to  360,000 eggs per hour.

Service of Staalkat machines

Not only will we provide you with these machines, but we are also able to carry out repairs and professional regular service of these Staalkat sorting machines. Each employee of the service department has undergone professional training and constantly participates in ongoing training with regard to the development of technology and the launching of other machines onto the market.

We rely on many years of experience, and therefore we are able to perform not only service but also overhaul, which is the disassembly of the machine, its inspection, renovation and reassembly to serviceable condition. We also provide general overhauls of all these machines, as well as their assembly, installation and inspection.

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